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Shringar Garah is a leading poshak seller and a place where we combine devotion with beautiful clothing. We make your Laddu Gopal and Radha Rani look beautiful. 

Laddu Gopal Dress is like the stylish clothing we make for your Laddu Gopal. It's a way to make your worship times even more special and nice looking.


Yes, we have Radha Rani Dress collection with beautiful desings to show respect and love to Radha Rani. It's like saying thanks to her for being with you.

Krishna Dress is like a collection of outfits that capture all the different sides of Lord Krishna. Whether you're picturing him playing the flute or being the charming Makhan Chor, we've got attire that brings his unique personality to life.

Fancy Dress is like dressing up your Laddu Gopal with cool and creative clothes. It's like telling stories and adding fun to your worship space.

Our designer put their heart into making each outfit. They use old and new ways to make sure each piece is not just pretty, but also has a deep meaning.

Yes, our special clothes are great for celebrations like Janmashtami and Radhashtami. It is more than just clothes. It is like giving a hug to your deities.

Finding clothes is like choosing art that you love. Think about what your deity likes and how you want to celebrate. 

Buying from us is easy! Look at our online catalog, pick what you like, and follow the steps to buy. It's simple and friendly.

Yes, for sure! We understand that everyone's way of loving is different. Our clothes are ready made, but we can also help you make them just how you want. Talk to us and we will help you out.

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